Technical project management

KBIC as the key member of the company TransExpert E.I.G. has ensured the technical coordination of Europen teams (1992 – 1999)

within a series of European projects (teams composed of 9 to 13 different European partners  - researchers, consultants, software companies - each represented by 1 – 2 members)


aiming at the development of the Public Transport Reference Data Model EN 12896 :


  • EuroBus/Transmodel (~150 man months) for 3 years
  • Harpist for 1 year  
  • TITAN (~350 man months) for 3 years 


KBIC acts as the convenor of CEN TC278 WG3 Sub group 4 (PT Reference Data Model).


KBIC acts as the coordinator of the AFNOR group CN03/GT7/GT7.1 (PT Data Models).