Expertise in the domain of public transport

Since 1991,

  • French representative at CEN TC278 WG3 and ISO TC204 WG8,
  • Expert at AFNOR (Commission de Normalisation 03 – Public Transport).

Expert in national and international standardisation groups, on behalf of the French Ministry of Transport and the French Association of Public Transport Authorities (GART), in particular :

  • At CEN - Technical Committee  TC278 – Working Group 3 (WG3) – Public Transport
    • SG3 : Traveller Information for Visually Impaired (TI-VIP)
    • SG4 : Public Transport Data Models – Transmodel - since 1991
    • SG5 : Integrated Fare Management (IFM)  (later within ISO)
    • SG6 : Identification of Fixed Objects for Public Transport - IFOPT
    • SG9 : NeTEx : Network and Timetable Exchange - since 2009
  • At ISO – Technical Committee TC204  - Working Group 8 – Public Transport : Fare Management (IFM)  and Passenger Information.

 Data modelling

  • Development of the Public Transport Reference Data Model (Transmodel), basis of an integrated architecture of Public Transport information systems and standard interfaces
  • Specification of data bases using the Reference Data Models in view of field trials 

Recent major projects 2009 – 2013 :

  • Specification of a French Stop Data Model, based on IFOPT, in view of the implementation of regional stop data bases and a national stop reference data base (Modèle d’Arrêts Partagé 2012 -2013, for the French Ministry of Transport) ;
  •  Draft update of the normative documentation of EN12896 (Transmodel) ;
  • Adaptation of IFOPT and Transmodel for the Greater Paris Region Reference Data Base Implementation («Spécification du Référentiel Arrêts et Tracés », for the Public Transport Authority of the Greater Paris Region – STIF, 2013);
  •  Elaboration of « Guidelines for the implementation of a Reference Data Base for the Public Transport Offer », based on Transmodel and IFOPT (for  the French Ministry of Transport/CERTU, 2012)
  •  In charge of the study for the design of the Stop Place reference data base of the Greated Paris Region based on IFOPT («  Etude sur la constitution d’un référentiel francilien de lieux d’arrêts ») aiming at the specification of methods and algorithms for an automatic generation of stop places in the Ile-de-France ; specification of implementation scenarios (for STIF, Public Transport Authority of Greater Paris Region, 2009).
  • R & D project CAMERA (with cooperation of the French company MobiGis) aiming at the implementation of the IFOPT standard (pilot projects in the cities  La Baule and Saumur) and at the conformity  study between IFOPT and INSPIRE meta data structures  (2010-2012).
  • CEN TC278 WG3/SG9 - NeTEx : specification of standard interfaces for the exchanges of Public Transport network topology, timetables and fares, based on Transmodel and IFOPT.
  • Within NeTEx in charge of :
    • knowledge transfer regarding Transmodel/IFOPT
    •  the conceptual data model based on Transmodel / IFOPT
    • the harmonisation of Transmodel/IFOPT
    • of the integration of new requirements

 Other projects:

  • Study of the standardisation opportunities of Demand Responsive Transport (« Etude préalable à la mise en place d’une normalisation des données pour le transport à la demande », for the French Ministry of Transport/CERTU in collaboration with the company RCSI) ;
  • Participation in the specification of the French National Framework Architecture  ACTIF, for the French Ministry of Transport/CERTU,
  • Expertise at ISO TC204 WG8 (Public Transport) in particular involved in the conformity check of different national data standards worldwide with the European Reference Data Model (EN12896),
  • Expert at ISO TC204 WG3 (Geographical Data Bases) involved in  the specification of Public Transport information on-board private cars.

Earlier, involved in  more fundamental projects, aiming at the development of the standards Transmodel & IFOPT :

  • CEN TC278 WG3 – SG4 – Identification of Fixed Objects for Public Transport – IFOPT, in charge of the scope definition and expertise based on the French project « Choix du meilleur système de localisation » (French Ministry of Transport/CERTU) aiming at the development of a Stop Place Data Model ;
  • French project SITP (Système d’Information Transport Public) for the French Ministry of Tranport aiming at the knowledge transfer and adaptation of Transmodel, inparticular for the domains Passenger Information and Fare Collection.
  • French standardisation working group AFNOR CN03/GT 6 (Fare Management): participation in the development of the IFM standard,
  • Participation in the development of the French standard for Back Office fare data exchange (INTERBoB).
  • CEN TC 278 WG3 6 SG4  & the European projects Cassiope, EuroBus, Harpist, aiming at the development of the Reference Data Model for Public Transport (network topology, timetable planning, vehicle and driver scheduling, fare collection, passenger information, operations control and follow –up, statistics/management information).
  • TITAN aiming at the implementation of Transmodel in field trials (in Lyons- France, Hannover – Germany) in particular in the domains :
    • timetable planning & scheduling,
    • passenger information,
    • operations control and follow-up,
    • statistics/management information.

Transmodel, has been developed using the methodologies Entity/Relationship and more recently UML - it  has been adopted as the European Norm  EN12896 in 2006.

IFOPT, is mainly dedicated to the representation of Public Transport stops. IFOPT has been developed in UML and has been adopted as the European Norm EN28701.

NeTEx is dedicated to the development of standard interfaces between systems aiming at data exchanges of Public Transport network topology, planned timetables and fares.

KBIC  acts:

as contributor to the documentation elaboration,

as technical expert in the field of data modelling and knowledge transfer in the following domains of Public Transport:


  • Network topology Description and Timetable Planning,
  • Vehicle and Driver Scheduling,
  • Fare Collection and Operations Control and Follow-up,
  • Statistical data for Management Information Systems.


Certification / Conformity Check

The conformity check of a software product  or a data model to a reference is an important task in the field of the implementation of standards.

KBIC has been involved in the specification of formal conformity procedures and their application to concrete use cases :


  • Elaboration of a preliminary conformity procedure to Transmodel and its application to the case of SIRI (Standard Interfaces for Real – Time Information)  for the French Ministry of Transport,
  • Conformity check of the US standard TCIP with Transmodel,
  • Conformity check of the French national standard NEPTUNE (with Transmodel)
  • Project BATERI (Banc de Test pour la Réalisation de l’Interopérabilité) : specification of formal test procedures for the conformity check of standard profiles based on Transmodel
  • Application of conformity tests to open data published in the field of Public Transport Timetables in view of the elaboration of recommendations as regards Public Transport Timetable Open Data publication.