Training courses / Conferences / Publications

KBIC - leader of seminars and training courses - lecturer at international conferences -  author of publications mainly in the field of Transmodel,  IFOPT, SIRI and NeTEx

Time period 2010-2014


  • Training courses on the standards  Transmodel & IFOPT
  • (for the companies ATOS & DEMOS & ITS Conference in Beijing-China);
  •  Update of the Transmodel web site (French part)
  • Publication of  « Transmodel Users’ Guide »
  •  Publication « Enjeux des normes de données pour l’information multimodale », ATEC Conference, France 2010,
  •  Presentation  of the « French Stop Data Model » based on IFOPT, ATEC Conference, 2014, 
  • Publication « Public transport network and stop place model and its importance for multimodal information systems”, THNS Congress, Shanghai, November 2012.



Before 2010

« Transmodel Users’ Guide v1», published by the French R&D plattform PREDIM (2009),


  •  Training course of the « Fare Collection » part of Transmodel for SNCF (2006),
  • Presentation “Transmodel & Ifopt : a basis for integrated information and communication architecture   for PT systems”, ITS Conference – The Netherlands, Arnhem (2007),
  •  Training course on Transmodel for  RATP (2008),
  • Training course on  IFOPT for  RATP (2008),
  • Transmodel Workshop: Network Definition, Elementary Tactical Planning Components, Passenger Information, ISO Conference, Munich (2008).
  • Workshop : « The European standard  EN 12896 », Organised by the European Commission  Tel Aviv (Israël), September 2008,
  • Training course on IFOPT for the managers of the French Agency AFIMB (Franch Ministry of Transport),  January 2009
  •  Specification & design of the web site (2001),
  • TRIDENT Forum on ITS, London
  • Conference on European Norms at the international workshop on ITS organised by the Ministry of Transport of Quebec -Montreal 
  • Workshop on the management within the public sector – presentation : « Généralités et particularités de la gestion d’un projet européen » , Bruxelles, Université Libre de Bruxelles ;
  • Presentation : « Transmodel, une base d’un système d’information intégré pour le transport public », 1st st World Congress on ITS, Paris.